Is a new homeowner at the top of your holiday shopping list? Whether you are looking for gift ideas for brand new homeowners or old pros, here are some unique options sure to impress.

Gift cards. While this may be a no-brainer, new homeowners are sure to appreciate gift cards to stores like Home Depot, Target, or Homegoods to help fill their new space. Anytime you move belongings and furniture into a new home there will always be a need to redecorate, as some things just don’t fit in the same way. As families upgrade homes or downsize square footage, new tools or power equipment come in handy as well.

Return address stamp. If you only send out mail once a year, you may forget to update your return address stamps or stickers. Purchase a new refillable address stamp (or even find seasonal ones!) that will cause new homeowners to remember your sweet gesture each time they send mail.

Seasonal curb appeal. Chances are, new homeowners this time of year may have packed seasonal wreaths or festive decor. Offer a new option with a holiday wreath, potted plant, or unique outdoor display. Or, gift new outdoor decor for other seasons, so they may change them out throughout the year.

Smart home devices. Treat your new homeowners to something they may have not thought about, a new doorbell or smart thermostat! Introduce new technology so answering and monitoring door traffic or adjusting the temperature is as easy as checking your phone.

Themed gift set. Do your new homeowners love pizza or pancakes? Create a gift set around a common kitchen theme to impress your friends. Perhaps packaging a gift wrapping supply kit, or new bird feeders and birdseed would suit your new homeowner. Creating a gift set around a favored theme is a sure win to anyone this year.

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