Pre-Flight Brief

In the spring of 2018, Freedom 512 took flight and a dream became a reality. Starting with 17 trusted Realtors and friends, the brokerage firm opened to offer independent contractors the ability to run their business in a supported, ethical environment. We value the diverse background each broker brings to the group, and trust in the knowledge and experience they offer their clients. Each agent knows and understands the Central Texas market and work to provide their clients the freedom to realize their home ownership dreams. Together, the Freedom 512 Real Estate Group works to provide a positive real estate experience, helping people find and achieve the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed.

Flight Plan

Freedom 512 is a real estate group that gives our independent agents the freedom to oversee their own business in an ethical, responsible management group. Our agents specialize in helping clients discover the benefits and freedom that home ownership provides. Freedom 512 brokers are the “top stick” in the Austin area. Our network of experience is unmatched and we love what we do.

Our firm will be your co-pilot in providing you with an exceptional overall experience. Buying and selling a home can be challenging, but our agents and their diverse backgrounds work tirelessly to safely deliver you to the home and lifestyle you have been searching for.

Our communication is transparent, and work diligently to find solutions for any and all questions. Experienced in all avenues of real estate, we are highly respected professionals in the Austin market and understand the culture. From first homes to investment properties, to renovations and commercial sites, we are here to give flight to your real estate dreams.


Call us to discuss how we can help your real estate dreams take flight. Don’t have an agent yet? Check out our agent profiles to see who you will find a connection with! Want to hear what past clients are saying about us? Read our soaring reviews.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, please sit back, relax, fasten your safety belts, and enjoy your flight!

Freedom 512 follows and is protected by the DMCA.

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