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Molly Zurek



Phone: (512) 233-9818



As a resident of Austin since 1965, Molly has seen the Austin landscape change and grow dramatically. Growing up in Austin, Molly spent many a weekend going to open houses with her Realtor father, enjoying the stories he would tell her about the families and individuals he had been able to help find happiness in their new homes.

Prior to working in real estate, Molly was in the Physical Therapy profession where she also met her husband, Matt. Molly began her career in real estate and has been selling Austin and its surrounding area’s finest properties while enjoying helping her clients attain their dream home.

When she’s not selling real estate, you can find her fishing, scuba diving, hiking and running with her dog…or truly anywhere she can share time with her family and fellowship with friends. Her husband, Matt works for the state and they have 3 grown, well accomplished sons, Zach, Luke, and Noah all of whom graduated from the RRISD and Texas universities.

Her entire family lives an adventurous life with their love of scuba diving, hiking and all things outdoors; including activities in Austin, Texas and all over the country and world. Molly is a graduate of Champion School of Real Estate and you can rest assured that Molly’s knowledge and expertise in the Greater Austin market will guide you all the way to the closing table. Whether you are a seller, renter, first time homebuyer, real estate investor, moving up, or downsizing, Molly will help you attain the most up to date knowledge on the market, making your transition as seamless as possible.

Come grab her hand to allow her to help guide you into your next open door of your future.

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