Life as we know it seems to be shifting almost hourly with the coronavirus pandemic developments. As more and more people are hunkering down in their homes, they may be realizing that it is time to make the move and find their dream home. Don’t let the current situation slow you down, we are using virtual tours that put showing a home still very much in play.

92% of home buyers today use the internet to search for a home implying that buying a home is more digitalized now than ever before. Communication with our clients and one-on-one relationships are key here at Freedom 512, and today’s technology is allowing us to continue that virtually. Freedom 512 has been implementing these virtual capabilities for some time now and have proved themselves valuable, now more than ever.

A live virtual tour of a home with one of our agents allows you to go through a house room-by-room, check out important features or that master bathroom you have dreamed about, all from the comfort of your home. As the live video interaction goes on, you can ask questions and gather insights about the home. All you need is a computer or a smart device and an internet connection.

A virtual tour is a great option when it comes to buying or selling your home now, or down the road. It can save you time and allow you to gather valuable information from our agents in real-time. If a virtual home tour piques your interest we would love to chat with you!

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