Why waste money and pollute the earth with outdated hardwood when you can choose a more eco friendly alternative like the ones below? Consumers want a cheap and eco-friendly alternative, that both raises the value of the home and doesn’t break the bank! As renovations occur, the cheapened cost of bamboo and polished concrete flooring give both a modern look as well as raise the value of the home itself. 

Bamboo flooring is on the rise to replace hardwood. Bamboo is technically a grass, but attains similar characteristics to that of hardwood in that it is durable for any type of family/pets and easy to maintain and install. It is one of the most sustainable materials as an alternative flooring material out on the market right now because bamboo “trees” take 3-5 years to regrow rather than almost 20 for that of a wood tree. Bamboo flooring also has more of a variety in colors and customization than that of hardwood flooring, edging out the typical for the alternative. 

Polished concrete is another alternative flooring to that of hardwood and, just like bamboo, gaining popularity. Unlike hardwood, concrete is extremely durable for any type of family/pets, easy to clean and never needs to be replaced. Concrete is already used as a base for that under hardwood, so now that homeowners can polish and tint the material there is no need to cover it with traditional flooring. 

Although these flooring materials might not be as expensive as hardwood flooring, Freedom 512 Real Estate will elevate any new additions to your homes, expensive or not. A Freedom 512 real estate agent can elevate both the description and look of your home, making sure to sell the environmentally friendly and durable aspects that the flooring alternatives give to your home. 

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