The process of buying or selling a property can get complicated in numerous ways. A quick google will usually land multiple real estate forums filled with people looking for advice about what to do when:

  • The buyer and seller disagree what issues should be fixed after an inspection.
  • The seller didn’t show up to the closing.
  • The buyer wants to move in before closing.
  • The seller has a lien he didn’t know about.
  • There is a disagreement on what items should stay with the property after the sale.

The list goes on…

Working with a REALTOR® can be beneficial in multiple ways. Such as helping you understand complex (always changing) real estate regulations or providing you with the technical information about a home. One of the most intimidating factors of a transaction can be the contracts. Today’s real estate contracts can be 50 pages long. A REALTOR® understands these complex documents and works with them regularly. Ultimately, it is true there are millions of answers on the internet, but is it worth the time and effort?

When you go to the internet for your questions, you don’t know if the answers are accurate. The answer could be from someone knowledgeable, but they also could be someone who experienced a similar situation 20 years ago, when times were different. When you work with a Freedom 512 agent, you are working with a professional with experience. Our agents can help you avoid many problems, deal with those that arise, and help you have a smooth real estate transaction.

If you aren’t working with a REALTOR® and would like to, find one here.

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