Working from home can be a challenge in itself. There tends to be more distractions than in an outside office. With that being said, you want your home office space to be as productive as possible. The best place to start when creating that space is with the perfect paint color.

A room’s paint color can make a world of difference in how the space will feel. Studies also show that certain paint colors can potentially boost productivity and even reduce stress levels. Which isn’t that what we all need from a home office?

Not sure what shade to paint for your own home office? From calming to stimulating colors and beyond, these are the hues that will help create your ideal work environment.

The color yellow is incredibly motivating and sets a happy, positive tone. A sunny yellow with a warm gold undertone will help you feel more productive but won’t feel too bright or overwhelming.

Taupe is a soothing choice that pairs well with bright reds or oranges (to add a little more energy) while setting a mellow vibe.

If you want a minimal and modern look that isn’t too stark, off-white is a great choice. It is buttery enough to give you a sense of calm, but still bright enough to open up a smaller office space.

Green is a great choice for office spaces, it is earthy and bold, and a good choice for anyone with boss aspirations.

A rich color like navy for an office has been shown to affect your mind, motivating you to be a little more creative.

Picking the right color for your office can be tricky, but with a little inspiration you can create a space that helps motivate and energize you throughout your workday. 

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