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Melissa Alexander



My grandkids are perfect.  (Aren’t yours?!)

I love coffee, the beach, family time, and coffee. And the beach.

Star Struck! In third grade, my friends and I dressed up in go-go outfits to see The Monkees in concert. You jealous yet?! Even better, I baked the heartthrobs chocolate chip cookies, so I got to meet the band!  My plan to marry Davey Jones afterwards was thwarted by the age difference, but it was still a great night!

God has given me a true love of people and service, so real estate is a natural match for me. I understand the profound impact buying or selling your biggest investment has upon your life, so I won’t take you to ten showings in one day or leave any questions unanswered. By getting to know you and your priorities, I will use our time wisely. It doesn’t matter if your next move is an exciting or unexpected one, it is my job to make it a smooth transition.


Maria T., Leander

“My husband and I were looking to buy our very first house before our unborn child made his appearance into this world.  We were so lucky to know Melissa who helped us find our dream house. Besides helping us find it she took care of everything which was exactly what I needed since my job took most of my time. She was the sweetest, most dedicated and committed through the whole process and I would recommend her to anybody who wants to have a good experience with such an important step.”  

Patricia & Pablo

“Working with Melissa was a wonderful experience for us. We thought many times this dream won’t be more than just a dream and she somehow found a solution for everything.  Now we can happily say she helped us make this dream come true. I really feel so blessed we had her with us for this experience. She was always there for us for any possible question, recommendation, suggestion… anything to help us.  I would strongly recommend her, she is an amazing person that loves to help and serve others.  We love her.”

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