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Jennifer Adelsman




Treasured home appliance: Nespresso

Activities that keep me balanced: Yoga, Meditation, Working out

Favorite vacation destination: Paris

My love for perspective and variety is what brought me to Real Estate. It is the ideal way to connect with my community, provide opportunity for my children and fulfill a desire to help others. You will find my background is varied in location and position over the years; from Southern California and fashion design, to the Pacific Northwest and the fitness industry, and now to my home in the Austin area as a wife, mother, and businesswoman. The common themes throughout my life have been the love of art, food, and travel. That is why I love Austin so much; a culture full of  people living life to its fullest.

I know buying or selling a property is an emotional experience. Your home will be the backdrop to every scene of your future. Houses are much more than places to rest our heads, they are the backdrops of our lives. What feeling do you want to experience when you come home after a long day of work? What type of environment do you want to host upcoming birthday parties? Allow me to help you find relaxation in an outdoor kitchen, with knotted oak trees, and stringed lights– or whatever beautiful canvas you envision to create lasting memories. By exploring your needs beyond the number of bathrooms or wall colors, my expertise will help provide an easy transition through what can be a challenging process. Helping a client find a property that not only meets their needs, but also feels like they are home is a privilege.

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