A potential buyer may be seeing your home for the first time through pictures, so you want to ensure the first impression is a hit! However, you don’t need to be a professional to take great pictures, here are some tips to elevate your pictures.

Tell a Story.

If a window has a beautiful view, make sure you see the view in your picture, or if your fireplace is a beautiful show piece, place it in the middle of your picture.

Find the Lighting.

Make sure your room is well lit for your pictures. Potential buyers want to know how much natural light a room receives, so open up those curtains! If a room doesn’t receive much natural light, make sure you use alternative lighting to show the room’s features. The same idea goes for outdoor pictures. Choose a sunny day to take exterior pictures to show your home’s best features. 

Keep it Tidy.

Remove any clutter from the room you are taking pictures of. This includes clearing countertops, minimizing floor clutter, and organizing the space neatly. 

Show the Room.

Try to capture as much of the room as possible. Taking a picture from the corner or doorway may take in the full view.

Clean and Clear.

Make sure your pictures are clear and sharp. Don’t add filters or embellishments as they are only a distraction to a potential buyer.

The Whole Picture.

A potential buyer wants to see the whole home and property. Take pictures of the bathrooms, pantries, attics, garages, backyards, front yards, sheds, and patios.

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