The housing market continues to be tight- many homes are selling within days, or quicker, of hitting the MLS. While this is great for the seller, it can be frustrating for those who are looking for their dream home.

Fortunately, you have options! Despite low levels of inventory, there are still ways to find your dream home- here are a few actionable steps you can take to help you out.

Have Patience and Stay Flexible

Like any large investment, it is key to stay patient. You may be working with a specific timeline, buy worrying can lead you to make rash decisions that can be bad in the long run. Since listings are moving quickly, you need to build flexibility into your calendar to make yourself available for tours of new listings before they get scooped up.

Get a Connected Real Estate Agent

You want an agent with a strong network of sellers, other agents, and community members. Not every property for sale is listed on the MLS or online. This is where having the right agent can be critical. They may know of pocket or “coming soon” listings that are nearing the listing phase but haven’t been put on the market yet. These can offer a prime opportunity for a buyer and seller.

Ask About Expired or Withdrawn Listings

Your agent can scan the MLS for any listings that were withdrawn or expired from the market due to a lack of interest. Maybe the seller priced the property too high or had to make a major repair. Your agent can then reach out to the property owners or their agents to see if they are willing to sell.

Search Above Your Price and Negotiate

Expand your price range and see what comes up. A good agent may be able to help you negotiate a fair price with the seller that aligns with your budget.

Ready to Start Searching for Your Dream Home?

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