So often we receive rave reviews from our clients on the excellent service and attention to detail our team provides with each real estate transaction. While we love this feedback (and any referral you’ll send our way!), we have a well-kept secret that has propelled our customer satisfaction high above the rest.

It’s called the Buffini Method.

Over the past year, our entire team went through a rigorous training program that altered the course of our growth. Focusing on personal and professional development, the Buffini Coaching program encouraged us to establish good habits, and use the tools we already have to implement systems that support success. The program helped every single one of our team members to establish goals, and more importantly, to achieve them.

On a professional level, the coaches we utilized offered an in depth analysis of lead generation, negotiation strategies, as well as buyer and seller tactics. Our team spent 8 weeks developing strategies to solve problems for our clients and develop mutually beneficial business plans for growth. From time management to industry trends, our team was immersed in the coaching culture and enjoyed every minute of it.

Personally, each Freedom 512 teammate was able to establish their own life goals, and discover the best ways to achieve them. We’ve been telling our friends and neighbors how life changing it was for us, and now you know too! Check out ​Buffini and Company​ if you are in need of personal or professional development coaching.

Our confidence has soared since completing the program and we know our clients will feel the difference. If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate this season, please ​contact any​ of our elite sales professionals and experience the Freedom 512 difference.

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